Renting Our Equipment

Experience and safety matters when it comes to subcontractors on your job sites. We understand that time equals money in the business world. We offer our customers competitive rates, the latest technology and experienced operators to help ensure your jobs get done right, on-time and safely.

In order to dispatch the right crane for your job, please provide us with the following information when you call:

  • Please give us a description of the job. What are you doing?
  • What is the object you are lifting? (dimensions are a great help)
  • What is the weight of the object? (this is extremely important)
  • Be prepared to tell us the distances (how far, how high, how close can we sit, etc.)
  • Are there hydro wires on site?
  • Is special rigging required? (chokers, spreader bars, belts)
  • Is a manbasket required?
  • Please supply us with the exact address of the jobsite and the rental date and time
  • Provide the site supervisor’s name and phone number (this helps us notify the site if an unexpected issue arises)
Crane Rentals
Crane Rentals
Crane Rentals

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